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***SUMMARY: List of Applications from Mobile Commerce Think Tank Session on June 27, 2001

The Center thanks the 21 participants for contributing to a high caliber Think Tank Session last week! Due to the excellent input and knowledge sharing, several invitation-only and open-to-the-public programs are being developed as a result of this Session. Look for announcements of these programs in future newsletters.

Individuals from the following companies contributing to a successful Think Tank Session last week:

Black Ink Media
British Telecom
Covigo, Inc.
France Telecom
Fujitsu Software Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Company
IBM Corporation
Palo Alto Internet Exchange
Research, Strategy & Business
Sonera Corporation
Symmetry Communications Systems
The Information Group, Inc.
Unwired Marketing

As a result of the Think Tank Session, a long list of possible applications for mCommerce was generated. While the Session focused on the business user, it was generally agreed that many of the consumer-oriented applications provide the stimulus for the development and usage of applications for the business arena. In the spirit of knowledge collaboration, below is this list of business- and consumer-related applications.


* Remote printing of documents
* Application server moving to enable basic infrastructure that
support business applications.
* Transmission of logistics and delivery information
* Print contract at the client's location through connecting over the wireless to the computer at the home office.
* Customer relationship management (CRM)
* Short messaging (SMS)
* Instant messaging (IM)
* Procurement
* Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
* Transportation schedules
* Peer-to-Peer business applications
* Actionable alerts (realtime event; message to wireless device of people in the workflow of the event)
* Application code & delivered with event allowing recipient to act on event (code could be URL or JAVA)
* Server/support applications for field workforce (i.e. repairmen)
* Telemetric (i.e. electric meters/industrial maintenance/vending machine inventory)
* Translation services
* Workflow (i.e. PC to mobile address book/email)
* Device-to-network management
* Security (i.e., burglar alarm via mobile network to mobile phone/alert/reports)
* Expert services in any complex transaction
* Two way instant relay (IR)
* Sales force automation (SFA)
* Workflow status for the mobile workforce
* Subscribed applications for the sales force (i.e. MyWireless)
* Mobile Powerpoint presentation applications (i.e. pull the file off my system and deliver it through a projector)
* Sales presentations in the field that can change, depending on customer expectations (want to see the OTHER product, not this one)
* Marketing and communications capabilities
* Interactive advertising
* Coupons (i.e. brand sends coupons to the hand-held)
* Platforms to convert fixed mobile applications
* Collaborative tools
* Voice command and delivery
* Security
* Accounting, billing, and payment systems
* Dialog communications
* Expert/advisor applications
* Building entry
* Protocol gateway to create P2P
* Baby mobile badge to track in crowds at airports, parks, etc.
* Personal "follow-me" security
* Vending machines
* Mobile value-added services/media based on lifestyle
* Food purchases in both retail and grocery
* Consumer interaction to business applications (i.e. information on products, etc.)
* Consumer location of consumer goods
* Smartcards
* Seamless work/personal applications (PDA combined with the phone ie. Nokia Communicator)
* Location awareness of resources and further information/personal knowledge
* Personalized consumer information (expert advisory)
* Financial Services
* Travel management
* Mobile psychological services
* Home care/health monitoring/medication
* Home security/home appliances/authentication
* Public service applications (i.e. paying parking fees & traffic)
* Text/messages converted to voice, i.e. for the visually impaired
* Local check for product available and price (i.e. where is diesel fuel for what price?)
* Streaming (i.e. music)
* Disneyland wireless fast pass to main attractions
* Multi-media (i.e. short-term for audio & gaming/mid-term/voice)
* Finding goods (i.e. out of stock in store)
* Translation services/signs/ads, etc., while traveling
* Betting/Gambling
* Games -- Location-based role playing
* Automotive/OnStar
* Voice-delivered navigation
* Fast Pass
* "Technology Glues" that connect the applications to the technology structure
* Digital signatures
* Mobile ID encryption (Seti @Home/Bluetooth/Gnutella)
* Mission critical applications that can be controlled remotely through mobile devices (i.e. IT management)
* Security/device user authentication/data encryption /secure transactions
* WLAN roaming/authentication and management
* Context-based business information service
* Non-human, device-to-device transactions
* Communication over TCP/IP (i.e. voice over IP)
* Network mediation middleware (i.e. assist devices of all types to connect to networks of all types)