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Think Tank Session

"Driving mCommerce into the U.S. Market: Who is Leading Whom?"


8:00am - 1:00pm
Invitation-only. For possible participation, see below.

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Click here to view mCommerce Summary for August 29, 2001
Click here to view mCommerce Proceedings for August 29, 2001


The explosion of mobile communications in Europe and Asia has lead to speculation about when and how the U.S. market will embrace similar trends and jump aboard the mCommerce wagon. As a follow up program to the Center's Think Tank Session on mCommerce on June 27, 2001, we are coordinating a session focused specifically on the driving factors behind mCommerce in the United States.

* Are those key factors technological? Social? Standards-based?

* What actual elements need to be addressed before we see mCommerce take off in the U.S. market?

* What is the timeline for benefiting from the business opportunities in mCommerce?


For possible participation, please send your name, title, company name, email address, and telephone number along with a bio to:

Debra Wright
Program Manager