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Join Us for Our Weekly Pub

(Pub Talks are listed below)

Our weekly pubs are held every Thursday from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

The Pub is an informal networking event where mid- to high-level executives meet to network and engage in business opportunities. At 6:00 p.m. a company gives a Pub Talk which lasts 10-15 minutes with a short Q&A period afterwards.

As always, the Pub is a great place to come and meet people from the Silicon Valley and from other parts of the world. Representatives from small start-ups to major companies join in the exchange at the Center Pub.

It's... "The best reason to take off work early on Thursdays."

The dress is casual and there is no fee. Just bring your good ideas!

Companies interested in giving a Pub Talk should contact
Venilde Jeronimo, the Center's Director of Programs, by email (


2001 Pubs

August 23, 2001
Rescheduled! Join us in Welcoming Cable & Wireless as Newest Center Sponsor!
July 26, 2001
By Mr. Shawn K. James, Senior Sales Specialist, Data Management, Northern California, IBM Corporation
July 19, 2001
By Mr. Patric Carlsson, Principal, Research, Strategy & Business
"Enableing Factors to Drive mCommerce fot the Next 12-8 Month Markets"
July 12, 2001
By Mr. Juan Soto, Product Marketing Manager, Peer-to-Peer Networking, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
"Project JXTA & The Future of P2P"
June 21, 2001
Special Pub: Summer Solstice Celebration!!
"Networking At Its Finest"
June 14, 2001
"It's a Surprise!"
June 7, 2001
By Mr. Bruce Nash, Director, QoEtient Business Group, Fujitsu Software Corporation
"Fujitsu QoEtient: Maintaining High Quality of Experience the Key to Success for eBusiness"
May 31, 2001
By Mr. David Singer, Program Director & Senior Technical Staff Member Of Web Technology, Academy Of Technology, IBM Almaden Research Center
"Privacy Isn't Just The Law, It's Also A Good Idea!"
May 24, 2001
Mr. Paul Frankel, Director of Business Development, 3Com's Business Connectivity Company
"Challenging Mobile Commerce Stereotypes"
May 17, 2001
"It's a Surprise!"
May 10, 2001
Dr. Richard Swan, Director, Corporate Research Center, SAP Labs, Inc., SAP AG, "Latest Hot Trends: Activities At Sap Corporate Research"
May 3, 2001
Mr. Patrick Dufour, Project Manager for Communications, Dortmund Project & Mr. Thomas Kneip, Engagement Manager for Dortmund Project, McKinsey & Company
"Global Expansion: A Focus On Germany"
April 26, 2001
Mr. Robert L. Batty, Curl Corporation, "A New Platform for Interactive Web Applications"
April 19, 2001
Mr. Marty Jain, Corporate Evangelist, Viquity, "A Faster Way To Integrate Suppliers & Customers With Your Supply Chain Network"
April 12, 2001
Mr. Erin McCart, Interwoven, Inc., "Enterprise-Class Content Management: Empowering the Enterprise"
April 5, 2001
Mr. Stephen Keese, AcrossWorld Communications, "Emerging Markets-- Opportunity & Impact for Silicon Valley"
March 29, 2001--PRE-PUB TECH DEMO & PUB
Mr. Dennis King, IBM Corporation, "State of Machine Translation & IBM's Websphere Translation Server"
March 22, 2001
Mr. Don Presson, High Performance Resources (HPR), "Show Us the Gold: Choosing the Right Senior Management Team"
March 15, 2001
Mr. Bruce Nash, Fujitsu Software, "Evolving eBusiness Systems Management: Fujitsu Software's QoEtient"
March 8, 2001
Ms. Ann M. Miller & Mr. Boris Otto, Fraunhofer Institut fuer Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (Institute for Industrial Engineering), Germany, "A New Dimension of eCommerce: Combining Advantages of ERP Data Management with VR Presentation Technologies"
March 1, 2001
Ms. Emma Bonham, SAP AG, "SAP's Learning Portal"
February 22, 2001
Dr. Ellen Wagner & Mr. John Farman, Viviance new education, Inc., "Putting the *Learning* Back in eLearning"
February 15, 2001
Ms. Liezl Schulte, AcceleratedSAP, SAP AG, "Collaborative Business Maps: Value Creation in the Internet Economy"
February 8, 2001
Mr. Mark Murray, Plural, "Why Brick & Mortar Retailers Will Win Online"
February 1, 2001
SAP Solutions for Emerging Enterprises, mySAP
January 25, 2001
Virtual Workplaces with Virtually no Limits, Inclusion

January 18, 2001
The Wireless Internet: How to Play 'The Next Big Thing'
Greg Galanos, SOFTBANK Venture Capital


2000 Pubs

December 14, 2000:
End of the Year Holiday Gala: The Future of eBusiness
December 7, 2000:
"Brand + Tech = eBusiness", Halleck & Viant
November 30, 2000:
"Strengthen your Brand, Understand Your Core Competencies and Outsource Your Operational Infrastrucure", Metor Communications, Inc.
November 16, 2000:
"Accelerating Your Startup Company With IBM", IBM Corporation
November 9, 2000:
"Evoke Communications: Delivery of Virtual Meetings", Evoke Communications
November 2, 2000:
"Web Services for Business Development", IBM Corporation
October 26, 2000:
Halloween Pub Talk: "Developments at the Silicon Valley World Internet Center", Silicon Valley World Internet Center
October 19, 2000:
" Sun's iForce Ready Center", Sun Microsystems
October 12, 2000:
"Internet Cluster Analysis 2000", A.T. Kearney

October 5, 2000
"Fujitsu: Expanding into the New Economy", Fujitsu

September 28, 2000:
"Metiom: Powering Internet-based eMarketplaces", Metiom
September 21, 2000
"Year 2050: What Should We Be Doing Now to Prepare?", Adobe
September 14, 2000
"Internet Wire: Leveraging The Internet to Disseminate Your Company's News Directly to Journalists, Analysts, and the Consumer", Internet Wire
August 31, 2000:
"Quantum Bridge Communications: Access at the Speed of Light", Quantum Bridge
August 24, 2000:
"The Revloltion in Electronics Design Software", Mission Level Design GmbH
August 17, 2000:
"The Role of Enterprise Java and EJBs in Corporate Computing", IBM Corporation
August 10, 2000:
"The Future of Business: Learn the New Rules and the New Ways", Trudel Group (TTG)
August 3, 2000:
"How Company Webs of Alliances Require Careful Planning in a Connected Economy", Harbor Research
July 27, 2000:
"Taking the Food Chain From Message-Based to Real-Time, Today", iFoodnet
July 20, 2000: Pub Talk and Tech Demonstration: "IBM's WebShpere Voice Server.", IBMVoice Systems Solutions Group, IBM Corporation

July 13, 2000: "Intel's eCommerce Building Blocks for the Internet Economy", Intel

July 6, 2000: "Point, Click and Collaborate: Take control of your Business Communications", TelePost

June 29, 2000: Summer Solstice: "The Fires are Burning! Center Launches it's Knowledge Network Concept and Knowledge Network Partners", CLiCK Magazine, High Performance Resources and The Center

June 22, 2000: Venture Consulting: The New Paradigm for eSolutions", AtomicTangerine

June 15, 2000: "Closing the Gap Between Higher Education and Entreprenerrship",

June 8, 2000: "The Wireless User", AudioBasket

June 1, 2000: "A View into Pervasive Computing at IBM", IBM Corporation

May 25, 2000: "Frankfurt: Building the Telecom and Internet Hub of Europe", Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH

May 18, 2000: "Growing Your Business with Realtime eBusiness Intelligence", Informative, Inc

May 11, 2000: "The Internet as The Fourth Mass Medium", SAP Labs, Inc.

May 4, 2000: "A View into Hewlett-Packard Consulting", Hewlett-Packard Consulting

April 27, 2000: Does anyone really know what time it is?" By Mark Williams, President &; CEO, CertifiedTime, Inc.

April 20, 2000: "Managing High Successful eCommerce Solutions", Monterey Network Center

April 13, 2000: "Shhhhh… It's A Surprise Pub!" Center announces SAP as newest Executive Sponsor

April 6, 2000:

March 30, 2000: " Wireless Access: Technology, Market and Trends", Sun-Netscape Alliance

March 23, 2000: "Wireless Tower of Babel… How we got to This Point and What is the Way Out?", Synacom Technology, Inc.

March 16, 2000: "The Disappearing Computer: A European Perspective on Ubiquitous Computing", Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

March 9, 2000:

March 2, 2000: "Wireless Broadband: Vehicle for eCommerce and Multimedia Growth" Arc Lan Communications

February 24, 2000: "Dynamically Delivering Personalized Web Content for Wireless eBusiness", MyWeb2Go

February 17, 2000: "Wireless Phones as Information Appliances", CallMeKIWI

February 10, 2000: "PAIX: A Premier Internet Exchange and Collocation Facility", PAIX

February 3, 2000: "Enabling Wireless eCommerce Through Customization and Personalization", MobileID

January 27, 2000: "Emerging eServices Business Models", Plural

January 20, 2000: "WebChambers Community Services", WebChambers

January 13, 2000: "An eView into", SAP